Changes At CodeBetter.

Looks like Glenn Block, from Microsoft's patterns & practices group, is now blogging at CodeBetter. I'm sure it's only a coincidence that Scott Bellware (ooold link, but only one still valid) no longer is (and had all his content removed).

Update: Glenn replied in the comments that Scott was actually the one that asked him to join CodeBetter.


Glenn Block said...

It is. Scott is the one who asked me to join.

Michael Letterle said...

That's, interesting. In any event, look forward to the non-MS specific stuff on your new blog :)

Joe Morel [MSFT] said...


Caught your comment on my blog over at As a former Microsoftie and former Clevelander, you'll be seeing me once I move back to the area at the .NET SIG. Well, as long as you allow Program Manager types like me in the doors... :)


Joe Morel said...

Nuts, meant to get rid of that MSFT after my name on here. That's better. :)