Your Last Email

When you leave a position, sending out your farewell email is a crucial part of maintaining a good relationship with your soon to be ex-coworkers. Make sure you use it wisely.

Determining the Ordinal of A Weekday.

So, at work I'm having the fun experience of having to write a job scheduling app, using MSSQL as the back end. One of the things I had to figure out was how to determine of a day was, say, the first Monday of the month or the third Thursday or so forth. I couldn't find any built in functions that did this, so I had to write one. Behold:

Create Function fn_ReturnOrdinalDay
@TestDate datetime
returns int
@ordinal int,
@loopdate datetime

set @loopdate = @TestDate
set @ordinal = 0
while datepart(m, @TestDate) = datepart(m, @loopdate)
set @ordinal = @ordinal + 1
set @testdate = dateadd(d, -7, @testdate)

return @ordinal

When called like fn_ReturnOrdinalDay(getdate()) will return 1 - 5 depending on how many times that day has occured. For instance for today (Monday June 18th, 2007) it would return 3 since this is the Third Monday of the Month.

Behind the News

But it's still sad when you find out.  I hope that everyone that worked at MMORadio landed on their feet, I enjoyed the station and just found out when I went to put it on today. :/  If anyone knows any similar stations that are still on the air, or any places the DJs went, drop me a line.

An Oldie But Goodie

Back in the day I used CrimsonEditor alot, it was a good, free source code editor. Unfortunately it was a one man job and the developer stopped maintaining the application in late 2004. Enter the EmeraldEditor group! EmeraldEditor intends to be a new CrimsonEditor-like editor (ugh that's an awkward scentence), written to be cross-platform and open source. But the news gets better, CrimsonEditor itself was open sourced by it's author and the EE team has effectively taken over maintenance of it! So grab the code and get cracking! I'm glad to have CrimsonEditor back and look forward to EmeraldEditor.