Can The Social Web Make A Difference?

Rex (I hope he doesn't mind me calling him Rex) pointed me to this site. The aim is to raise a million dollars in 30 days for kids with dyslexia and learning disabilities. A worthy cause, make sure you digg the article so we can get the word out. I think Rex brings up a bigger question as well, can the Social Web truly make a difference? Is it big enough, and well connected enough, to really have an impact in the lives of those who are not a part of it? I think the answer is yes myself. And if it's not currently, it's certainly heading in that direction. Unfortunately this is the first I had heard of 8wishes and their self-imposed deadline is in a week. So hurry up and get the word out!


Kristen said...

Thanks for your support, Micheal. I know Paul is gonna be pumped about your post. I dugg your article:

Michael.NET said...

Thanks for the digg :) Like I said on digg, Rex is the one who had the phone conversation with Paul. But I do think the Social Web has a great amount of power, and with great power comes....well you know.